“aluva puzha” premam song, Telugu lyrics by KST


I was disappointed on learning that my favourite song “aluva puzha” wasn’t recreated or dubbed in the Telugu version of the movie and so I wrote it myself.


“Gaalilo vesina chitramadhi
Aa mukham naavaipochinadhi
Siggupadi thalavanchukoni
Nannu thalachi pongipoyinadhi

Chethike andhani aakasam
Bhoomine thakina ee nimisham
Oori chivaranchuna rendu
Chaatugelli cherinaa dhrushyam

{Nadhi vaagu cheruvulu kaastha sandrapu alolo muniginave
Aa maaya sandrapu alalu nee madhuryamanerukele} ×2

Odalo nakki nakki thelipothunte
Anthalo vinthaga nuvve
Prema sudivai gunjukunnaave.”

–This song is dedicated to all the premam fans and of course to the cutest girl alive, Anupama Parameshwaran

by Kotala saiteja


Fresher’s day song

(Description: My friend Spurgeon composed a song and here are the lyrics I wrote to it.)

It’s a paradise
It’s our worst nightmare
It’s some sweet and salt
And so is college life

Dazzling Romeos
Sizzling juliets
Ready for the show
Waiting for a go

It’s a paradise
It’s our worst nightmare
It’s some sweet and salt
And so is college life

All those little things
All that fun and flaws
Make our crazy days
Move in like a blaze

Messed up symphony
The darkest harmony
Fun filled memory
Of a happy family

In the brightest light
We fight the blackest night
Firmly we shall bide
Welcome to the ride

5 apt movie titles for telugu actors which are sadly taken by others

Telugu film industry or Tollywood is one of the biggest film industries in India where actors (heroes) are treated as demi gods. Sometimes the fanboys or devotees fight on who’s the better star or who’s box office collections are bigger.10NLGRKHI-W032__VJ_2469356f

This fever has made directors and all technicians to focus on the key element i.e the hero and so the hype of the film mostly depends on the star rather than on anything els.

Giving the movie an apt title that suits the personality of the star means alot in this industry and what if the title of the star itself becomes the title of the movie he’s starring? It’ll make history without any doubt regardless of other aspects. Even if the movie flops, it’ll still be remembered.

Prabhas Rebel Movie New Wallpapers

Rebel and king are quite good examples of that. Prabhas and nagarjuna were lucky to have their titles (rebel star, king) as the names of their movies. Now let’s talk about the unfortunate ones.

  • 5.Style


Stylish star Allu Arjun is known for his style but there’s already a preexisting movie named style starring and directed by ragava Laurence.Style (2006)

Coincidentally it happens to be a movie based on dance which Allu Arjun is very good at so maybe Laurence can use the opportunity and cast stylish star in the sequel.

  • 4.Mass


He’s probably the only star of his generation who has reached the peaks of success without any family background. From an assistant director to the crowd favorite Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is one heck of a star appreciated equally by the crowd and the critics. Sadly nagarjuna has taken his title long back.Mass (1)

  • 3.Super


Every girl’s heart skips a beat when they see the Superstar Maheshbabu on the screen. Not just woman, the men are equally crazy about his mannerisms and action. S/o superstar Krishna doesn’t get to try this title as it’s already taken once again by the King Nagarjuna just like Mass


  • 2.Tiger


one of the most powerful performers of all time, Jr.NTR is an amazing cinema artist who delivers energetic performance whether it’s  a dance, dialogue or action sequences like an unmatched energy of a tiger. And that’s why people call him Young Tiger NTR.



There are two movies which recently released had “tiger” in the titles. One being Bengal Tiger by Raviteja and other being a small multi starer movie.

  • 1.Power


The biggest star of telugu film industry refused the movie “Power” given to him. Along with the movie, gone was his title Power Star.


The movie was later taken by Raviteja.

P.S: All the logos in the pictures, apt titles are designed by me.

Three must have watches for men

Watches are the timepieces which help us manage our daily schedule with ease and keep us aware of how time is moving.


Watches have evolved through centuries and there are thousands of models to wear but the simple fact is that we don’t need watches anymore only as timepieces. If it was only for the time then our mobiles would do it along with the other hundreds of applications.

Watches have become now the ornaments of status and are part of everyman’s lifestyle and without them a man’s look is incomplete.


But how to choose from the thousands of models and what watches are the ones which make an impact on people, interviewer, girls etc and make you look better?

These three are your answers if you’re a male.

1. Black leather watch


Black is a universal color and can go with almost anything. But while choosing the first watch, one should keep in mind to choose a round dial watch straightway without a second thought because it’s simple and clean with no bells and whistles like the one above. Having a watch like this makes one ready for any formal occasion (if you are a corporate employee then you’ll need even simpler watch with just time and date) so it’s a must have for a man.

2. Metal strap watch

Watch is the one of the only few ornaments of a man. An ornament or jewel always shines and so does metal strap watch. It’s classy and subtle and goes well with dress ups and downs. Everything that glitters isn’t gold or expensive but the fact is our eyes don’t seem to understand that and so judge that these watches are expensive. Wearing a nice metal strap watch will change the way people behave with you. It gives people the feeling that you’re a responsible person of the society.

3. Brown watch
It’s the least dressiest one of the three and so basically it’s for a date or any other not so formal occasion. This one surely stands out due to it’s color. Brown has always been a classic casual color, may it be shoe, belt or watch. This watch shows that you’re not drowned in the professional life and you too have young and cheerful days.

keep it simple, don’t buy clunky chunky big bad ass watches. Simple and sophisticated is the way to go smart and this is an eternal truth that will never change.

Crazy hack: have you heard about interchangeable straps? The nato? Or the weekender. Watches with interchangeable straps would solve almost all problems like confusion about what color watch to buy and it’ll definitely save alot of your hard earned money if you just change the straps instead of watches according to your outfit. There are nylon, leather, metal, rubber etc straps and you don’t have to buy so many watches but instead buy one watch and spend rest of the money on straps.

Five bottom wear every guy should own

Everyone needs them and have them but the question is are they making you look better? Are they versatile? Are they making any statement? Well just having ten pair of jeans and nothing else doesn’t mean your place for bottom wear in your wardrobe is complete.
Here are some must have five pants description that are basic and can go versatile.
Bottom wear in this context includes jeans, cotton pants, khakis, chinos, half pants etc…

Note: this is not any professional work written after survey or anything such sort. This is just an article by an everyday guy who has surfed the internet and did some good research.

1. Dark denim


Dark denim is the most versatile wardrobe essential and 90℅ of the guys probably own it. You can buy a clean, no wash jeans or slightly washed jeans like the ones in the pic. But don’t buy a distressed(torn jeans, beat up) ones unless you already have all the must haves. You can pair them with t-shirts, casuals or formals, everything works perfectly fine if the chosen jeans fit you perfectly.



Khaki is a kind of color which accepts any color in contrast when thrown at it. Black, navy, white colors pop out really well when paired with khaki. Formal, semi formal or casual, they fit in all the categories. One should definitely own them and your parents will love it because they instantly make you a good boy and they work like magic.

3. Black denim


Semi casuals to super casual, the ‘super cousin of dark denim’ can do almost all that a dark denim does and also in some places it stands out better. Carbon black, no wash denim is so modern that it just shouts out in public that you’re an urban guy with a fashion sense. Pair them up with canvas sneakers and a T-shirt or a pull over would work great.

4. Black or navy formal trousers


Believe it or not, you actually need them more than you think you do. You never know when you are faced with a situation that demands a formal wear and not having these pants would put you in trouble. Just have them even if you think you don’t need it. And it’s a mandatory if you’re a professional (that’s obvious).

5. Half pants


Well, half pants because we understand that in summer it’s a good casual wear and also when we go out for a vacation.  Khaki would be fine if you really don’t like any fuzz but you can experiment with other colors and it’d be fine if you’re able to pull it off with nice contrast shirt.

These five bottom wear are some must haves in a guy’s wardrobe according to me and once you’re actually done with these purchases you can experiment with n number of pants

Tip: when you buy jeans don’t buy low waist. That’s not attractive or manly and girls definitely don’t like it. Buy a pair that fits you perfectly which are comfortable to wear but don’t need a belt for support.

Five, must have shoes for men

One of the most important thing about an outfit is shoes. They can literally lift up the standards of an outfit and yours as well. A true gentleman owns some good pairs of shoes which cover up mostly all the occasions on the calendar, may it be a date on a Valentine’s day or a day out with your friends, a job interview or a casual drive on Sundays. These five shoes are the must haves for every gentleman


1.Black dress shoes
A pair of these are must and if you don’t have them in your wardrobe then what’s wrong with you? office, wedding or any formal occasion they work fine and are basically universal. I suggest a cap toe oxfords which is my personal favorite for black dress shoes.


2.sneakers (not sports)
A pair of sneakers is for everyone and it’s because you don’t stay in office for eternity and also because you just can’t manage with flip-flops to all the casual occasions and so I would suggest any man to avoid flip-flops as much as possible and get some nice sneakers under your feet (Remember, girls don’t like guys with flip-flops).


Somewhere between dress shoes and sneakers, we need something that’s not in any extremes. Loafers are simple casual yet sophisticated footwear. Brown and navy are classy but one can actually try the colors with the loafers like crimson, bright red, green, cream, ash etc… These give us a chance to be little funky and are fuzz free.


4. Chukka boots
These pair of shoes propel the manly looks of any guy when worn with denim and still maintain that gentleman look. A solid impression that leaves people with the stamp of you as true man. It’s a must have pair because nothing flows better with jeans than these boots. Basically you get these in leather or suede. If you are choosing suede then that would make you look like a good boy and leather gives you a manly punch.

5. The fifth pair of shoes? Well this one pair depends on your lifestyle. However the above four gets your job done in all occasions but this one is the one that actually defines you. If you got all those pairs mentioned above then get yourselves one of these depending on your play in the day.


a. Brown shoe, preferably a full brogue (wingtip)
Black gets the job done but doesn’t make a statement and so you need a pair of brown shoe and most preferably a full brogue. Brogue is a classic style statement of an English men and was first designed in Scotland. If you own them already, then your awesome. You can pull them off with formals to denim and they work fine with everything, like even with shorts…. No not kidding, seriously with shorts as well.


b. Canvas shoe
Well if you are a teen then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t buy it. It’s the cheapest shoe style that a student can afford even with his pocket money. White canvas is good on jeans and tees and so it’s for the boy rather than the man.

High end smartphones for girls

Girls prefer beauty over performance and don’t really cry for hi end specs but for those who do here are three devices you should consider.
Note: these devices are chosen for the design, build quality and small form factor, as girls prefer smaller phones and due to fact that most girls’ hands are not that big.

IPhone 5c:

no other smartphone can fit this category better than 5c. This beautifully made compact device is available in total of 5 colors. It has 4 inch display and has everything better than iPhone 5. Normally glossy plastic feels cheap but this is an exceptional. It feels highly premium. It’s so light just like iPhone 5s. Even though both weigh equally, this one feels much lighter due to plastic built. In addition to its design, the ios perfectly blends to its body than it does on 5s, all thanks to the colorful and neat interface.

Sony xperia z1 compact:

the name says it all.it’s nothing less than its older sibling except in the case of the size. Unlike other smartphone mini versions which compromise on specs, this one is a beast and as Joshua from android authority calls it “lightning bolt of thunder”.Not only is it powerful and compact at 4.3 inch display but it also has that premium built quality and design like any other xperia z series phones. However you get this one also in pink and yellow versions unlike the regular black or white picks.so it’s clear that this device is more precisely made for girls. The tempered glass both on front and black make this phone more of an ornament than a smartphone.

IPhone 5s:

I don’t have to tell much about 5s as its clear that it looks beautiful and classy making it one of the most desired phones of 2013. Unlike the chunky colours of the 5c, this has got that royal look which girls would die to get hands on any day and ya never to forget that gold version. This is an aluminum built body crafted in a way that the premium price you pay for it shows off at every single edge of this device. This is almost same as iPhone 5 and you won’t find any difference in design.